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1, Widely applicability
Medical diagnosis: suitable for rinsing various models models of films, such as film, CT film, MRI film and so on.
Experiment fields: developing various specifications of film which using in camera.
2, Microcomputer control system
Knob control panel, accurately control temperature and speed of the machine
LCD control panel, Entire Chinese menu, large LCD screen clearly indicates the data of rinsing, and detect faults automatically.
3, Unique design for channel
Detailed opetations: developing→fixing→rinsing→drying.
Prevent the liquid from oxidation effectively, so as to get high-definition images.
4, High-density roller packed together
Guarantee transporting the film safely and easy to clean.
5, Non-contact guiding film transporting system
Prevent slur and scratch happen on the film
6, High-efficiency air drying system
Knob switch and LCD control panel can adjust temperature according to your own requirements. Even flash rying, you can also get high-definition images.
7,High speed on rinsing
In theory, the film processor can develop 220 pieces(14〞×17〞) per hour, it can meet your requirement.
8, High standard and high economic
Control the temperature accurately, the temperature error is lower than 0.3℃, reduce water and electricity consumption.
9, Convenient and practical appearance design
Detachable side panel: Easy to debug and maintain the machine.



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