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ecoBase 8400  


Mattress is wrapped with quality leather, high-density memory sponge in one piece, with seamless, and antistatic,   
waterproof design.
Various actions are controlled by hydraulic pneumatic system. Two control modes (fully auto by remote control and 
semi-auto) are available to move the table body to max 300mm in totally 8 directions.
MCU processing is used, self-locking function is provided to avoid false triggering.
Quality stainless steel is used for table support, base plate, column shield and rails on both sides of the table, easy 
for cleaning and sterilization. 
Table support system is with heavy weight capacity up to 400KG. 
Famous and quality carbon steel plate is used for the table top, which is suitable and convenient for Radiology application
on the whole body.
Special design of foot treadle brake device easy for moving and fixed position operation use.
Abundant accessories applicable for multiple position use applicable for different operation.

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