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Glory Series G 3/6  


Touch Screen
Control panel with touch screen, the color temperature and the brightness can be adjusted  uniformly according to requirement.
Focus And Spot Adjustable
Doctors can adjust the focus and the light spot easily according to requirement.
Multiple Color Temperature Choice
Five segments of  color temperature for choice to cater to multiple operation needs. 
Excellent Material
The arm, the electronic commutator, the LED bulb and the power system are all famous and popular brand .
Long Life and Energy-saving
The LED bulb can use 80000 hours, no need to replace the LED bulb within 
15 years, low maintenance cost, and economical.
Latest Technology
With CAD/CAM technology, together with Lens technology and optical coating material, the light depth can be 1200mm;
With special PC material, the light can be more soft and the system more safe and reliable;
With hydraulic design dome, the Interference of vertical laminar flow and visual disturbance in the OT will be in the minimized level;
Shadowless Effect
It is combined with LED light, fixed position with the computer's precise calculation to reach 
the perfect shadowless condition. It has high performance in the brightness, depth and spot size.
Cold Light Effect
Using the new LED cold light source, it will not produce infrared light; it hardly has any temperature rising 
on the doctor's head and surgical field.

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