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ecoBase 8300  OT table

ecoBase8300 multiple-purpose operation table is for the general hospital operation room use, including cardiac, kidney, orthopedics, neurosurgery, gynecology, urological surgery, etc. By using pumps, all the necessary positions can be easily achieved through the two sides adjustment of the operation table during surgery.

With the hand-screw driven table and the longitudinal movement, it can be used for C-arm/X-ray checkups and radiology imaging. The back and leg folded plates can be easily moved or placed by servo-assisted gas springs, via light and flexible handle. Leg plate outreach can be folded according to the needs of urological surgery. 
High quality carbon steel or stainless steel are avaible for choice for table and cover material according to the customer needs or preference. 
  • Hydraulic control operation table with a total of 4 sections with kidney elevator.
  • Mobile table with blocking system by means of a lever located in one side of the base.
  • All table movement except legs sections can be operated at both side of the table body with two crank.
  • Base cover and side rail made by stainless steel ASI304.

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